Super Specialty Vehicles
Bullet Proof Vehicles Aircraft Refuellers
An Aircraft Refueller for the MSPL Iron Mine 100% EOU Airstrip, this vehicle with a 10,000 lts. storage capacity can dispense Jet A-1 fuel at 200 litres per minute. ( We have the technical capability to fabricate refuellers with pumping capabilities of up to 3400 lpm).
A side view of the Underwing & Overwing nozzles, DP Gauge & other gauges and Flow meter under the canopy
Various safety mechanism like a Dead Man Handle, Vehicle Brake linkage to various points like the nozzle locking, earthing reel etc., vehicle engine interlinkage to the dead man handle, earth reel, parking brake and a remote emergency shut off are present. However, a manual emergency override button to move the vehicle in an emergency is also available.
Creative stickering to give increased brand visibility even from the sky!
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