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ACC Wadi and Mancherial
High accuracy refuellers fabricated for different plants of ACC Cements

These vehicles are fabricated with L&T make self-priming pumps with four piston positive displacement flow meter 0.25% accuracy, air separators and filters, powered by a mechanically driven Power Take Off.

These highly reliable mobile dispensing units cater to unadulterated accurated dispensing in highly remote areas including mines, quarries, construction sites, rural areas etc.
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Refuellers & Tankers
Reliance Industries Ltd.
ACC Wadi and Mancherial
NMDC Donimalai
KNR and Rajashree Cements
Liquid Explosive Tanker
Liquid Nitrogen Tanker
Drain Cleaning Water Tanker
Explosive Vans
DRDL Explosive Van
Ten ton explosive van
Ten ton explosive van 2
Mobile Service Unit
Rajashree Cements
Grasim Cements
Dust Suppression System
Water Sprinklers
Ultratech Cements