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Cable Laying Vehicle for PRITHVI Missile - For BDL
Being a part of the ground support system for the prestigious PRITHVI MISSILE this vehicle carries three cable drums in stainless steel. It has a total capacity of 3 kms. of cable with reel in and reel out mechanism with brakes. This project is approved by MSQAA, the highest military authority on Quality Assurance.
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On Vehicles
Army Mobile Operation Theatre
Cable Laying Vehicle for Prithvi Missile System
Battle Field Station Radar
Communication Vans - Project KITE
Frequency Jamming System - Project SUJAV
Radar Repair Van - BEL Bangalore
On Trailors
Low Bed trailor - RCPO
Compressor Mounted Trailor for Burckhardt
DEAL Dehradun through ITI Bangalore
Trailor for ECIL APD
Trailor Mounted Genset for DLRL